Review: Idles’ Brutalism Is a Cathartic Burst of Rage and Tension


Note: My music reviews will always be “late.” It is my belief that albums should be listened to in different moods, settings, and after extended breaks, all while conditioning yourself to accept what you were given as opposed to what you wanted. Only then can you give a legitimate and honest critique of the material.

As political tension continues to swell on a global scale, it can sometimes feel like everyone is slowly losing their minds, as if empathy and understanding are human emotions no longer felt by society at large. Above all, this feeling of helplessness can transform those most passionate into seething anarchists willing to do just about anything for change. This is where Idles comes in. This restlessness, this resentment, this frustration. These are the feelings and emotions the band thrives on. This is what oils the machine and drives the unit forward, and after all is said and done, this rage is what helped form the band’s debut, Brutalism. Continue reading