CZARFACE & MF Doom Announce Collaborative Album, Release “Nautical Depth”


Following the release of First Weapon Drawn on Record Store Day last year, CZARFACE is gearing up for their fourth album, only this time they have a special guest. Continue reading


Flowertruck Announce Their Debut Album, Release “Enough For Now”


When Flowertruck released “Dying to Hear” last March, I said I was hoping a full album was coming down the pike, and it looks like my wish has finally come true. Continue reading

Review: I Decided. Is a Bright Flame That Burns Out Fast


Note: My music reviews will always be “late.” It is my belief that albums should be listened to in different moods, settings, and after extended breaks, all while conditioning yourself to accept what you were given as opposed to what you wanted. Only then can you give a legitimate and honest critique of the material.

After being in the industry for over a decade, Big Sean certainly needs no introduction. Despite having the odds stacked against him as far as public opinion goes, since his debut album Finally Famous was released in 2011, Big Sean has still managed to amass widespread fandom in the Hip Hop community, thanks in part to his connection with Kanye West and the GOOD Music label. However, I’ve always found it difficult to connect with his material in any significant way, so when he released his fourth album I Decided. last February, I wanted to make sure I took my time with the project to see what I may have been missing. Continue reading