Review: Leaving / Left Has Wool See Reaching New Heights


Note: My music reviews will always be “late.” It is my belief that albums should be listened to in different moods, settings, and after extended breaks, all while conditioning yourself to accept what you were given as opposed to what you wanted. Only then can you give a legitimate and honest critique of the material.

Since its inception in 2014, the Wool See project–spearheaded by Sandpeople’s own IAME–has been an interesting thing to behold. With total disregard of expectations, and complete abandonment of traditional song structure, the records released under the Wool See brand became increasingly more dense and complex; something that reached an inevitable tipping point on 2015’s LifeAlert. Like To Pimp A Butterfly and Compton earlier that year, I found there was just too much to process and consider if I were to review it in a traditional manner, so I left well enough alone and enjoyed the record in silence. Continue reading


My Week In Music: 9/9 – 9/15


Wow! This week’s been crazy busy. Between being bombarded with some new Sandpeople-related music earlier in the week to the Eminem bombshell that happened on Friday afternoon, I almost forgot to include a couple of things while I was prepping this post. Of course, with all of this new music coming out, it wound up putting a bit of a dent in my exploratory time, but sacrifices must be made, right? Continue reading

My Week In Music: 8/26 – 9/1


Hi, friends! As college came to a close, there were two things I came to realize about this blog. The first was, in retrospect, I really don’t like the grind of posting about new releases as they come out. It’s tedious, exhausting, and everyone else already does it. Still, the second, more important realization was that, pretty soon, I probably won’t have the time to maintain that level of commitment anyway. However, I still wanted to have a space to talk about stuff like this when appropriate, which is where this new weekly round-up comes in to play. Continue reading